SPORT - Football Projects

Our organization currently promotes two major football sports projects, where more than 250 children are currently involved, aged 7 to 17, including a selection of 20 girls. Our two football clubs are a great opportunity for young people of all ages to fulfill their dream of playing in an international team. The social function of sport plays a fundamental role in our project. Sport seems to be a universal language, a cultural tool, for bridging the gaps of unequally developed states and continents.

EDUCATION - The Social School

The headquarters of the museum and of the NGO is currently used as a cultural center for all the young people of the city of god. Within the Cultural Center, various social development projects have been created in collaboration with other community social workers Our courses instituted at the Cultural Center are completely free and today kids have the opportunity to participate in art, English, literacy, music and computer classes.

ART - Open-Air Museum

The project was born with the aim of using words and art as trigger for cultural and social change in the areas of the countries that, currently, are among the most underdeveloped economically. After almost a year of work and renovation in the favela of Cidade de Deus, in Rio de Janeiro, our organization has created one of the first open-air museums in the world, born from the desire to produce economic development through tourism, in areas otherwise inaccessible to people and social organizations, due to the criminal factions that control the areas.

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